Esthesis Quartet

Dismantling conventional instrumentation roles, the band unleashes each members’ bend toward the extemporaneous on this debut statement. Uniting four corners of the United States at the cusp of a lockdown period, Esthesis Quartet features Denver-based pianist Dawn Clement, Swedish-born and New York-based flutist Elsa Nilsson, Chicago-based bassist Emma Dayhuff and LA-based drummer Tina Raymond. The assembly is characterized by an innate fascination with risk, uniting four players who continually re-evaluate their roles as soloists, performers and explorers. With original compositions molded by tactile sensitivity and exploratory improvising, Esthesis Quartet captures the meticulous spirit of collaboration integral to the group’s foundations. The reckless abandon with which the quartet approaches the discovery of new musical landscapes lends an intriguing journey, particularly when flutes and vocals come to the fore.